Get in on the Fall Fun!!!


At Shenanigans, we are gearing up for Back to Fun!

Come to Shenanigans to take a class, laugh a lot, learn something new, and hang out with friends!

I hope you will come make Ficklestick jewelry with us!!!

I am really excited about Saturday Morning Watercoloring!

We also welcome new ideas, new teachers, new classes!  Let us know if you have ideas or want to teach a class at Shenanigans!

Many of the best times are with friends!  Get a few of yours together and come make something together!

Contact us at

Get more information on our website:

2 thoughts on “Get in on the Fall Fun!!!

  1. Jill Bollenbach

    Hi Polly! Hope you’re well!

    Wondering if you are having after school classes for kids on Mondays or Thursday’s. I looked at the Shenanigans calendar & didn’t see anything but thought I’d double check with you. It would be for Violet, 5th grade.

    Thanks! Jill



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