Our Wish List


Shenanigans likes to get people involved in creating projects in their community, to help other organizations raise money, and to encourage fun-making, laughing and other shenanigans.  We’re always conscious of our environment and of the impact we’re making on it.

 If you are cleaning up, think of us before you throw things away or take them to a distant resale store!  We will also take some of your recyclables.

Here are some things we need:

  • art supplies
  • heat press
  • color printer
  • Someone who loves to organize stuff
  • 1 inch button maker
  • Cricut cartridges
  • cotton t-shirts–all colors! 
  • colorful paracord (550 or narrower)
  • clean yogurt containers
  • clear soap dispenser (like Soft Soap)
  • baby food jars
  • small spice jars (plastic or glass)
  • foam brushes–all sizes
  • light bulbs
  • Pay-Pal-Donations-Button
  •     As of June 28, 2013, the IRS has collected our money and is reviewing our application as a non-profit organization.  We are looking for financial donations so that we reduce the cost of all of our classes and open studios!
  • projects or organizations to help out

Please contact us at shenanigansagain4u@gmail.com if you would like to help us out!


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