We’re Shenanigans.



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Shenanigans is currently creating a new way of being in the world! We no longer have a Shenanigans store front in Mazomanie, but we are a 501(c)3 organization helping to share and promote the arts in our communities.

What is Shenanigans?!

We’re all about making things together!!

We are artists, crafters, makers, healers, care-givers, performers, educators, and friends who work together to make our communities a better place!

Shenanigans is  very intent upon ecological responsibility, so they encourage  re-use and up-cycling of goods as much as possible.

Our Mission Statement:

Shenanigans is a cooperative organization promoting creativity and community cohesiveness with a basis of ecological responsibility.

Polly Poupore-Craig (Shenanigans’ Board Member, Sewist and Co-creator BEANDREAM.fun)
Marcia Miquelon (Shenanigans Board Member, Director and Educator Wild Rumpus Circus)
Jacob Mills (Shenanigans Board Member, Performer, Educator Wild Rumpus Circus)

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  1. Katherine Peterson

    Love the user friendliness of your site! Very welcoming, fun, playful and inviting. Who doesn’t need more of that??


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