Shenanigans Headquarters!!


Hello Sunshine!

We are so excited for you to join us in our happy new Shenanigans Headquarters at 25 Brodhead Street in Mazomanie!!  We have a lot of exciting things happening now and throughout the fall!

Please check out our FANTASTIC FALL page to see what’s happening!

DId you know that we have a calendar of events?!  Check it out HERE.

We also have a WISH LIST!!  We are ready to help you clean up!  Bring those fabulous goodies…you know the ones you felt bad throwing away…to us!  We’ll put them to good use!

We can now take credit cards and PayPal on our website and at Headquarters!!

With so many fun classes after school, we are considering renting a special Shenanigans bas to pick your kids up from Black Earth School or from the WH Middle/High School.  This would cost $3-$5 more per class.  Let us know if you like this idea!

Contact us at

Tell me what you think!

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